The Keystone Recreation, Park & Conservation Fund helps Pennsylvanians make lasting improvements to our communities. This year, the Keystone celebrates its 20th Anniversary. Join the 20th Anniversary celebration on Facebook!

For two decades, the Keystone Fund has consistently delivered tangible and lasting results:

  • Helping communities to forever protect new parkland, natural areas and other greenspaces important to them;
  • Supporting thousands of municipal and county park projects including construction and renovation of playgrounds, athletic fields, picnic pavilions and pools;
  • Building hundreds of miles of trails, whether the multi-state Great Allegheny Passage, multi-county trails like the Pine Creek Trail, or county and local trails;
  • Improving recreational facilities in our award-winning State Parks and sustainably managed State Forests;
  • Enabling local libraries to expand and renovate their facilities;
  • Preserving Pennsylvania's historical landmarks, structures and museums.

Established in 1993 with an overwhelmingly approved voter referendum, a 48-0 vote in the Pennsylvania Senate and a 196-3 vote in the House, the Keystone Fund automatically receives 15% of the State's realty transfer tax. This regular revenue has effectively and efficiently created permanent and lasting assets for the people of Pennsylvania, improving the livability of our communities and providing irreplaceable recreational and educational opportunities to all.

Each dollar of Keystone Fund community grants typically leverages more than two dollars in direct private and local investments in our parks, trails, community green spaces and libraries. These investments in turn generate hundreds of millions of dollars in economic activity, ranging from recreational purchases and wages to increased values of properties.

Quote of the Moment

“I am elated that this acquisition went through. It’s a great move for East Vincent residents, but more importantly, for generations to come. It is wonderful to see so many people and so many agencies come together with such vision and long-term benefit for all concerned.”